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Samvedh Vegi is an entrepreneur by profession and a podcaster by heart! His “trek” along the podcast way started with the love of the humble FM Radio in his teens, making him dream of pursuing Radio Jockeying as a career. Alas, our great Indian engineer-crazy society put a speed breaker in his path; forcing him to choose the routine. But, he bowled over the same society by following his love and passion for a career; proving to be a success in innovative business ventures like ‘Treksome’, ‘Iambookaholic’, etc.

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Having no clue on how to go about recording, editing, etc., he started right from the basics —learning, practicing, fine-tuning— until he attained perfection! And now, he is not only a famous podcaster with hits like the ‘Trip to the Himalayas’, but has also mentored close to 25 people into becoming podcasters! He’s a testament to the fact that if you love something enough, you will surely get it!

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