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What you’ll Learn?

Content Discovery

Don’t stress too hard about which podcast topic to be chosen for your business.

Podcast Making

Believe it or not, the content of your podcast matters a lot more than its quality.

Podcast Editing

Your podcast should never be an afterthought with the editing skills.

Who am I ?

Proving to be a success in innovative business ventures like ‘Treksome’, ‘Iambookaholic’, etc. During that journey, i am slowly started getting addicted and entranced by entrepreneurship-related podcasts Gary Vee and Naval, which ignited a desire for podcasting; however, it was the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown in India that managed to unlock the hidden talent! Pondering on what to do with myself, stuck to the home until Modi knows when, on the eve of the lockdown, that struck upon the idea of utilizing free time to unleash the pod caster within me!

Most Affordable Craft content that your audience wants

When it comes to content, think about the utility of your audio and your audience. Why would they watch your podcast? For education? For entertainment? Ideally, your podcast will have a mix of both.

Find a balance between education and entertainment that works for you. While too much education can be boring, too much entertainment can lose the value of your message. 

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